Shiori Suzuki


Born in Kobe, currently lives and works in Tokyo.
In addition to the exhibitions, she does live paintings, workshops and participates in many
different kinds of art events.

Shiori Suzuki is an artist who poetically expresses her emotions within, solely by painting dots.

Have you ever experienced something so moving, that it causes you to re-examine your whole perspective of the heart?

For example, the love and warm of those around you, exposing yourself to the many wonders each new day brings, even experiencing sorrow that pushes you to the edge of sanity.

Each of these emotions are the motivation behind Shiori's paintings. The Dot's are cells which form emotions that create a special moment, she dipicts the moment when they form as a thought within her mind.

The Dots within the canvas are not meant to be the picture. Each dot is painted with care and precision. This allows the viewer to feel as if the dot's move both outside the and deep within each painting.

Each minute and delicate dot, is considered a strong characteristic of Japanese culture. The care, effort, and time put into each circle, is the same which you would find in any Japanese craftsman's work.

Shiori's exhibitions are more then just a venue to display and sell her paintings. Ranging from face painting, to collaborations with guests from almost every aspect of the artistic world. Shiori veiws her venues as a way to create a bridge between cultures, creating an atmosphere mutually inspiring and beneficial for all parties involved.

She does not limit her work only to Japan, with invitations to join exhibitions in New York, Spain, Germany, Canada, and France. It is her dream to Share her style of art throughout the world.

2008 Tokyo Wonder Seed, winning a prize

2004 Free Art Free, aoyama SKYDOOR Gallery, Company Prize

2003 T-CREATION, aoyama SKYDOOR Gallery, Second Grand Prix

2002 Free Art Free, aoyama SKYDOOR Gallery, winning a prize





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Solo mini Exhibition"Tayutau kibun",Ito-ya mini gallery,Ginza,Tokyo

Group Show "Charity Small Works Show",The Artcomplex Center of Tokyo,Tokyo,Japan

Group Show "OH!HAPPY! DAYS!"The Artcomplex Center of Tokyo,Tokyo,Japan

Art Fair "AAC - ACT ART COM 2009", The Artcomplex Center of Tokyo, Tokyo

Collaboration  Planetarium "Colors shiori×Sendai City Astronomical Observatory" Sendai City Astronomical Observatory,Sendai, Japan

Art Fair"Emerging directors art fair ULTRA 004",Spiral,Tokyo,Japan

Art Fair"TORONTO ART FES.2011",Toronto,Canada

Solo Show "Blue…sometimes blue."The Artcomplex Center of Tokyo,Tokyo,Japan




Traveling Solo Exhibition "Enfolding World", EXCY GALLERY (NY) & The Artcomplex Center of Tokyo (Tokyo, Japan)

Collaboration Mobile phone cover "Docomo × shiori”
Group Show "Charity Small Works Show", The Artcomplex Center of Tokyo, Tokyo




Live Painting, (GEISAI#12) Turner Painting Booth

Group Show, "Bottalin. 1", Koenji Gallery Koh, Tokyo, Japan

Art Fair "AAC - ACT ART COM 2009", The Artcomplex Center of Tokyo, Tokyo

Group Show "AAC Encore", The Artcomplex Center of Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan

Group Show "Charity Small Works Show", The Artcomplex Center of Tokyo, Tokyo

Event "Atelier EBISU #2", Ebisu Garden Place, Tokyo, Japan

Solo Show "under the skin", The Artcomplex Center of Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan




Event "The universe seen by the space", Sendai City Astronomical Observatory,
Sendai, Japan
Solo Show ". DIARIES", The Artcomplex Center of Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan




Solo Show ". FRIENDS", Ebisu kukui cafe, Tokyo, Japan
Group Show "Poetic edge", Higashi Oume petal fugal, Tokyo, Japan




Two Person Show "Onnagokoro Aoki & shiori", Kyobashi Partock Gallery, Tokyo
Group Show "Dolce Vita #2", France
Solo Show ". Aquarium", Mori Art Museum Cafe, Tokyo, Japan




Solo Show "AKARI...", Nishiogikubo Nihiru Gyu, Tokyo, Japan




Solo Show ". MODE", Gaienmae Office, Tokyo, Japan




Solo Show". PARTY!", Daikanyama cafe Bed, Tokyo, Japan
Group Show "Scull Skell", White Cube Gallery, Osaka, Japan